This astronaut showed how water works in space – using tropical squash

Space is so cool.

The Nasa Johnson Space Centre has released another educational video, this time showing an astronaut experimenting with water.

Using only a re-purposed condiment bottle, a straw and tropical squash, expedition 52 flight engineer Jack Fischer showed viewers how when gravity is not in play, water will flow up a straw and cling to his face as he blows air into the bottle.

What follows is pretty fascinating. The liquid looks like bubblegum as Fischer blows into the bottle and it surrounds his face.

Sharing the video on his personal Instagram. fisher wrote “Not having gravity means a mess if you spill your drink…but also makes the station a great place for research.

“The space station is a one-of-a-kind spot for scientists who want to do experiments where there’s no gravity, to find out how other natural forces function without gravity’s influence.”

Pretty cool, huh?

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