How much of these 12 things would it take to kill you?

YouTubers AsapSCIENCE explain that you should think before you eat 24 tubes of toothpaste…

As morbid as the headline you just read is, it’s actually a pretty fascinating question.

YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE has almost 6.8 million subscribers, a real knack for this kind of thing, and a history for looking into deadly amounts – which you’ll find out about later.

Here they are to explain more.

Any of that surprise you? Still trying to get your head around it all?

Perhaps a recap will help. AsapSCIENCE’s team of Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown source a plethora of scientific papers and articles to find answers to your science questions. So based on their research, here’s 12 things which could kill you – fun!

1. 129 teaspoons of pepper.

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2. A few teaspoons of nutmeg.

3. 10.5 cups of suger (assuming you’re 150lbs (68kg)).

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4. 24 170ml tubes or 6 ounces of toothpaste.

5. 68 nanograms of botox.

6. Around 11,000 oranges or 809 vitamin C supplement pills.

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7. 14G of acceleration.

8. An internal body temperature of 40C.

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9. An internal body temperature of -21C.

10. 7,143 abdominal X-rays in a row.

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11. Around 25 medium sized green potatoes.

12. About 480 bananas.

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Scary stuff hey – you’ll think the next time you’re about to eat 480 bananas in one go.

But wait, there’s more – and part one of the Canadian YouTubers’ “this much will kill you” theme is well worth a watch.

It’s all about moderation…

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