Band’s delight about playing for Elton John and Kevin Spacey in French Riviera

Actor Kevin Spacey and singer Sir Elton John (Myung Jung Kim/PA)
Actor Kevin Spacey and singer Sir Elton John (Myung Jung Kim/PA) Actor Kevin Spacey and singer Sir Elton John (Myung Jung Kim/PA)

A musician who played for Sir Elton John and Kevin Spacey while they were enjoying a meal in the French Riviera has spoken about the “unique and incredible feeling” he felt.

The Snugglers performed at restaurant La Petite Maison in Nice for Oscar-winning actor Spacey almost a month after he was cleared in a London court of nine sexual offences he had denied.

A clip posted by the band this week shows Spacey in a blue and white suit filming the musicians while Sir Elton sings along to Elvis Presley hit Suspicious Minds.

The American Beauty and House Of Cards star, 64, was cleared in July at Southwark Crown Court of the allegations involving four men between 2001 and 2013.

During his trial, Rocket Man singer Sir Elton was called as a defence witness.

Rudy Treize, 29, guitarist and manager of The Snugglers, told the PA news agency that Spacey is a “legend” after playing for him last Saturday.

He also said: “It was such an honour to play for Sir Elton John.

“After finishing his farewell tour, we (were able) to make him sing, with us, some Elvis Presley and Tom Jones. He looked happy.

“It was an unique and incredible feeling. My band (have) played for many celebrities, but Sir Elton John is in another category.

“This moment will stay in our mind and soul forever.”

Kevin Spacey court case
Kevin Spacey court case Actor Kevin Spacey, pictured at Southwark Crown Court, London (Lucy North/PA)

Sir Elton, 76, has just come off the back of his 330-date Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which he has previously said would be his last.

Since 2018, the musical megastar has played in various countries in the world with his last UK tour date in June at Glastonbury.

Spacey was one of the most recognised faces in Hollywood until allegations of sexual misconduct were made in 2017, with streaming giant Netflix cutting ties with the actor.

He has starred in 2022 film The Man Who Drew God, about a blind man that paints portraits, and is set to appear in upcoming thrillers Control and Peter Five Eight.