Kaleb Cooper, breakout star of Clarkson’s Farm, announces live theatre tour

The World According To Kaleb, will see the young farmer leave his home of Chipping Norton for a 33-day national tour next year.
The World According To Kaleb, will see the young farmer leave his home of Chipping Norton for a 33-day national tour next year.

Kaleb Cooper, the breakout star of Jeremy Clarkson’s popular farming documentary, has announced his first ever live theatre tour.

The World According To Kaleb will see the young farmer leave his home of Chipping Norton for a 33-day national tour next year.

Cooper shot to fame in the Prime Video series Clarkson’s Farm, which saw him give direct and no-nonsense advice to the former Top Gear presenter.

He became a fan favourite during his often-frustrating quest to teach Clarkson about farming, as well as his amusing comments on life, the universe and everything in between.

Cooper told the PA news agency that ever since the launch of the first series in 2021 he had been more and more in demand outside his home town.

“I’m a firm believer, if I want to go out there and learn something, you’ve got to go out then and go full, head down, go for it,” he said.

“Yes, it’s a fear, or you know, a nervousness thing, but I think I’m a firm believer of… going towards it and facing your fear with brave shoulders.”

He said he was excited to take his show on the road, and interact with fellow farmers around the country.

“Hopefully some of the farmers will come out and have a good enjoyable day watching the show,” he told PA.

“And I can have a chat to them after and see what their soil types are, what type of crops they grow in, are they struggling with the rain, what type of cattle they have.”

He added: “I think I think of the world very differently from, for example, someone living in the city who just literally works nine to five job.

“I don’t work, I don’t have a job. I don’t believe that I have a job. What I do for a living, it’s a way of life.”

Cooper was recently invited to a meeting on farming at Downing Street, and met with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, which he described as a “remarkable experience”.

“I must admit when I got the invite, I was like ‘wow, I don’t think I can really turn this down’,” he said.

“Just to go and be a face of the farming industry. I got my points across to the PM, which we said in private and, you know, I believe that he’s listening to farmers.”

He added that he hoped that Mr Sunak would come along to one of his tour shows, but that he would not be offering him a discount.

Kaleb Cooper (Plank PR/PA)

“I’m gonna send him the ticket link,” he said.

At the shows, Cooper will give audiences the chance to participate in some interesting rural pastimes, as well as highlighting some of the many challenges that British farmers face today and sharing thoughts on how to make a difference and support them.

Fans can expect Cooper to rattle off his famously strong views on many things – including sheep, goats, New York City, personal style, and Clarkson.

Cooper told PA that his co-star still “doesn’t listen to anyone”, but acknowledged that he “knew a thing or two” about farming.

“In every industry, you learn everything. He knows television – that’s his industry, that’s where he’s been working for so long,” he told PA.

“When you go into another industry, it’s another thing to learn and of course he’s been doing it for four years now.

“So if I said he hadn’t learned anything, I’d be wrong.”

He added: “I’ll give him a ticket for the tour and then he can come and learn a bit more.”

The World According To Kaleb tour kicks off at Cheltenham’s Everyman Theatre on 25-27 January 2024 and continues through March.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased via: www.kaleblive.com