Jonas Brothers release new album ahead of upcoming US tour

The trio kicks off their tour at Yankee Stadium on August 12.
The trio kicks off their tour at Yankee Stadium on August 12.

After two decades in the spotlight, the Jonas Brothers are still chasing butterflies.

Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas released their sixth studio record The Album on Friday, ahead of a US tour in August.

Nick says the band of brothers are putting themselves in new positions so they can feel “butterflies and excitement” before stepping onstage.

One of those butterfly moments will come when the trio kicks off their tour at Yankee Stadium on August 12.

“It’s our favourite baseball team’s stadium for our entire lives,” Nick said.

“We got to go and kind of go to a game and meet some of the players about a month ago. And we were just looking around, thinking the 10-year-old version of us that was sitting up in the highest nosebleed section seat would not believe that we’re going to play this place twice.”

All three band members now have young families and Joe says this means the brothers are “quicker to return home” after touring. But that does not mean that they are any less excited about hitting the road.

“We’re treating this like the best tour we’ve ever done. And I think, we intend to make it that experience for fans as well,” he said.

They are also looking forward to hanging out as brothers too, with Nick saying that touring “doesn’t feel like work”.

The tour will criss-cross the US from mid-August until October, with the trio being ultra careful to avoid burnout.

The band’s physical and mental health is a priority, says Joe, who believes they can look after themselves and have “a blast while doing it”.

“We’ve been burnt out before and then you’re like, ‘I still got 20 more shows on this tour’,” he said.

“So we all have our own respective ways of going about that, and we just make sure that that’s prioritised and also that we think the three of us are communicating as best as we can.”

The brothers have set aside a period for family after the release and promo duties for The Album, before gearing up to tour in August.