BBC releases first look images of new series of University Challenge

The broadcaster has offered a look at new show staging and host Amol Rajan.
The broadcaster has offered a look at new show staging and host Amol Rajan.

The BBC has released first look images of the updated set of University Challenge with new quiz host Amol Rajan.

The modernised staging has replaced the previous set, which had been in place since 2013 and seen almost 2,000 contestants compete.

Rajan himself has previously appeared as a contestant on the show as an alumnus on the Christmas series in 2020.

(Ric Lowe/Lifted Entertainment/ITV Studios/PA)

The upcoming series will also feature a new title sequence, though the well-known title music and peerless voice of Roger Tilling will remain.

“I have spent years re-arranging Monday nights around the need to be in front of my television at 8.30pm,” Rajan said.

“University Challenge really is my favourite programme. And from their feedback and sheer numbers, our treasured audience has made very clear I am far from alone.”

New show host Amol Rajan (Ric Lowe/Lifted Entertainment/ITV Studios/PA)

University Challenge is due to return this summer, featuring a new batch of fiendishly difficult questions and eager students with hopes of claiming the grand prize.

Rajan takes the reins from veteran broadcaster Jeremy Paxman, who sat in the quizmaster chair for 28 years after it was revived in 1994.

The show first aired in 1962 hosted by Bamber Gascoigne and last year celebrated its 60th anniversary as Britain’s longest running TV quiz show.

The upcoming series will feature a new title sequence (Ric Lowe/Lifted Entertainment/ITV Studios/PA)

BBC Commissioning editor for entertainment and comedy, Pinki Chambers, said: “The competition is fierce, the questions are harder and Amol has taken to the programme in an instant.

“This is going to be one of our best series yet.”