Ken Bruce begins first Greatest Hits Radio show with Beatles track Come Together

The former Radio 2 DJ had been at the BBC for more than 40 years until he presented his last show at the corporation in March.
The former Radio 2 DJ had been at the BBC for more than 40 years until he presented his last show at the corporation in March.

Ken Bruce has begun presenting his Greatest Hits Radio show for the first time since leaving BBC Radio 2.

The 72-year-old Scottish broadcaster will be on air from 10am to 1pm weekdays at the Bauer radio station to play hit songs from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

He kicked off his new show by playing Come Together by The Beatles – the opening track of the band’s Abbey Road album.

When Bruce left the BBC in March, after being at the corporation for more than 40 years, he chose the medley of Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight and The End, which closes the 1969 record, to end his long-running stint.

On Monday, Bruce told Greatest Hits Radio listeners: “Quality music all the way… you’re going to love it.”

He carried over his popular music quiz PopMaster over from the BBC, which aired at the same time, from 10.30am to 10.50am.

Contestant Richard received 39 points to win a smart speaker and a Greatest Hits Radio subscription.

He gave a shout-out to his wife along with several Facebook groups, centred around the radio presenter, like The Ken Bruce Preservation Society, and PopMaster With Ken Bruce.

Asked by Bruce if he could amalgamate the groups, Richard said there is “too much rivalry” between them.

The last song Bruce played on his first show was The Winner Takes It All by Abba before he returns on Tuesday.

Ahead of his first show, he told BBC Breakfast: “It’s a fresh start, it is something a little bit different in a new place. That is always good, for somebody to try something a little bit new, so there I am, ready to go.”

He added: “There is a certain aspect of oddness about it, yes. I look around the studio I am in and it’s not quite the same as it was.”

After joining BBC Radio Scotland in 1977 in his 30s, Bruce went on to present several other shows at the corporation, including taking over the Radio 2 Breakfast Showfrom Sir Terry Wogan in 1989.

He later moved to mid-mornings in 1986 and, after a brief stint on late nights and early mornings, returned to mid-mornings in January 1992.

The BBC announced that Gary Davies, host of the station’s Sounds Of The 80s, will present the mid-morning show from March until TV presenter Vernon Kay takes over Bruce’s Radio 2 slot at a date in the future.