Michelle Rodriguez had ‘chaotic’ playing style for D&D game, says Rege-Jean Page

Based on the popular roleplaying game, the film stars Chris Pine and Hugh Grant.
Based on the popular roleplaying game, the film stars Chris Pine and Hugh Grant. Based on the popular roleplaying game, the film stars Chris Pine and Hugh Grant.

Rege-Jean Page said when the cast of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves took on the popular roleplaying game ahead of starring in the film Michelle Rodriguez was “chaotic” in her style of playing.

The heist comedy sees 42-year-old Star Trek actor Chris Pine in the main role as a bard called Edgin Darvis who tries to look after his daughter Kira, played by Avatar: The Way Of Water actress Chloe Coleman, 14.

Speaking at the UK premiere at Cineworld Leicester Square in London, Pine said making the film was “joyful and creative and imaginative”.

He added: “It reminds me of a lot of 80s films (The) Goonies and (The) Princess Bride and a little bit Indiana (Jones).

“It’s good old-fashioned like populists, popcorn-munching, great time at the movies.”

Rodriguez, who starred in The Fast And The Furious films, Bridgerton star Page, I Am Not Okay With This actress Sophia Lillis and Notting Hill actor Hugh Grant are also among the cast.

Page said: “So my first game of Dungeons & Dragons was with this cast, which is incredible, before we started filming anything, we sat around a table.”

The 34-year-old actor added: “It’s a natural place for actors to hang out, great game of improv, but with magic and dragons. Just think like the wildest, most magical thing you can do, and then you pass it on to the player next to you.

“Players (like) Chris Pine are so sharp, so witty, that it gets even more wild than magic. If you pass it to Michelle Rodriguez, it gets so chaotic. That is the energy that we took on to set when we made this movie.”

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves premiere – London
Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves premiere – London McFly, pictured, as they hit the red carpet at the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves premiere (Ian West/PA)

He also said D&D is not about “dungeons and dragons” but about the “feeling of sitting around a table, and just getting creative and playful with your mates”.

Rodriguez said when she grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey, as a teenager she played D&D for several years.

She added: “It all came flooding back how the role-playing game is fantastic. It’s like a great exercise for the mind.

“I always wondered… what it is about role playing games (that is) really extraordinary? And I think the biggest thing is just your ability to make something out of nothing.

“And your ability within that world… that you’ve already created, to just take the imagination and stretch it as far as it can go.”

Other celebrities gracing the red carpet included the pop rock band McFly, presenter Jenni Falcone, comedian Munya Chawawa, presenter Leigh Francis, known as Keith Lemon, and TV personality Sophie Hermann.

Grant, 62, attended the premiere alongside his wife Anna Elisabet Eberstein, who was wearing a cream dress.

D&D started off as a tabletop game in the 1970s, where players would play the role of fantasy characters.

The fantasy content was adapted into a video game series called Neverwinter Nights, based in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, and the 2000 film Dungeons & Dragons, starring Jeremy Irons.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is released in cinemas on March 31.