Olly Murs ‘really upset’ following public backlash to latest song

The singer-songwriter also appeared to let slip that Sir Tom Jones will be returning to The Voice UK as a judge.
The singer-songwriter also appeared to let slip that Sir Tom Jones will be returning to The Voice UK as a judge.

Olly Murs said he “couldn’t believe” the backlash he received for the lyrics on his latest track I Hate You When You’re Drunk which fans branded controlling.

The song came under fire on social media for the lyrics which appears to criticise a loved one for drinking too much alcohol with online users drawing a link to his fiance Amelia Tank.

Singer-songwriter Murs, 38, was asked to respond to the criticism on BBC Breakfast with hosts Sally Nugent and Jon Kay on Tuesday.

He said: “It’s obviously upsetting to think that people took it that way because it was not that intention. It was a song that I really related to in the studio.

“At the start of January, I had a New Year’s resolution I wouldn’t drink for a year. So, I’ve been out with my friends, my family, (thinking) I hate you when you’re drunk.

“It was never about Amelia or anyone, it was just a song that we really related with at that time. So, for people to take it that way, I was really upset by it.

“I couldn’t believe people had taken it that way which is a shame because I think the song is really great.”

Murs said he understood that when you see something written it can look “a lot worse.”

He added: “When you listen to the song and you understand the type of artist I am, it was just more in a cheeky fun way.

“If there was anyone that I would thought would have got offended by it, it would probably be Amelia if she thought it was about her, but it actually wasn’t. We move on.”

Murs said he has stuck to his New Years Resolution which has made him “more aware” of his body but he will drink again next year.

“I was a bit wild when I was single and so now I’m happy and everything’s settled, it’s nice not to be drinking.

“It’s nice to be on the other side of it and just watch everyone else having fun. I’ve really enjoyed doing it to be honest.”

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Sir Tom Jones (Jane Barlow/PA)

Murs, who has been confirmed to return to The Voice UK, also seemingly let slip that Sir Tom Jones was set to return as a judge alongside him.

Talking about missing the England World Cup quarter-final game due to filming the BBC show, Murs said: “I can’t believe it so I’m hoping they turn around and say ‘Have the evening off’ because I can’t imagine there’ll be anyone there, we’ll be pressing the red button with no audience.

“I mean Tom’s Welsh.”

Correcting himself, he added: “If Tom’s there he won’t be bothered about watching it.”