Scott Mills says Radio 1 has been his ‘sanctuary' ahead of his last show

Scott Mills and his co-presenter Chris Stark are stepping down from hosting their daytime slot later this month.

Scott Mills has said BBC Radio 1 has been his “sanctuary” ahead of presenting his final show after 24 years with the network.

The 48-year-old DJ and his co-presenter Chris Stark, 35, are stepping down from hosting their daytime slot, with their last show to air on August 25.

In a special edition of the Scott Mills Daily Podcast, the pair reflected on their radio journeys and what the future holds for their friendship.

During the chat, Mills and Stark both agreed that at times the radio had been an “escape” for them when they faced challenging personal situations.

Mills added: “If you’ve been on the radio for that long, like for me, if I’m lucky that’s a quarter of my life on Radio 1?

“Stuff is going to happen in that time, people are going to die, people are going to be born, you’re going to break up with people, you’re going to get with new people like whatever.

“That all happens but the radio with you has been my sanctuary, you know. Because you go in there and you can actually forget about it for three hours.”

Mills is moving to BBC Radio 2 where he will take over the 2pm-4pm slot from presenter Steve Wright.

The DJ admitted he would love to carry on but has accepted he cannot be at the station forever.

He said: “I’ve been on Radio 1 for 24 years, that’s insane. Would I love this to go on forever and be forever young? Yes cause I still feel that but it can’t.

“But I actually think that I’m not too sad because I don’t think it’s the end.”

Despite being a staple at Radio 1 for more than two decades, Mills revealed that before he joined he “never in a million years” thought he would get a slot.

“It was just one of those jobs you just don’t get, it’s like going ‘Oh you’re going to be going into space’,” he added.

“Those jobs don’t happen to people like me or you and I had never even put Radio 1 into the equation of my life, so when it came up I was like ‘shit’, I was fully scared, sorry I’m getting upset but I’m so glad it did.”

Mills and Stark’s show became popular thanks to a number of humorous segments, including Innuendo Bingo.

Northern Irish DJ Dean McCullough and Bolton-born Vicky Hawkesworth will replace the pair to present a new daytime show which will run at 1pm to 3.30pm from Monday to Thursday from September 5.

Stark, who joined Mills as a co-presenter on the show in 2012, is leaving to focus on presenting That Peter Crouch Podcast and his podcast with chef Tom Kerridge, The Pirate Ship.

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