Alison Brie: New series Roar is unlike anything I have worked on or seen before

The actress said the show, which also stars Nicole Kidman, allowed her to work across several different genres within her own episode.

Alison Brie says new anthological series Roar is unlike anything she has ever worked on or seen before.

The GLOW star said the show had allowed her to work across several different genres within her own singular episode.

Roar is an anthology series of eight stand-alone “darkly comic feminist fables”, with universal female struggles portrayed through extraordinary scenarios.

In the series, based on the book by Cecelia Ahern, women eat photographs, date ducks and live on shelves like trophies.

The all-star cast includes Nicole Kidman, Alison Brie, Cynthia Erivo, Issa Rae, Merritt Wever.

“Tonally this show is unlike anything that I’ve worked on before or seen, really,” Brie said, speaking during an Apple TV press conference.

“Because of the anthology nature of the show it gets to go to a lot of different places which is really cool.

“Even within each episode… I felt like I got to work in a couple of different genres even within my one episode and really get to show a range of emotion and feeling… and work with comedy and drama and horror and all these different elements with a deeper meaning still at play.”

Brie stars in an episode titled The Woman Who Solved Her Own Murder, which offers a comic twist on the male detective genre as it is told through the eyes of the female murder victim.

Series writer Liz Flahive said everyone on the production team was “so game” to try new things when producing the show, including feeding fake photographs to Nicole Kidman for an episode.

“(The photos) were made of marzipan and rice paper,” she said.

“The rice paper was better, but it made a crunching sound that we had to take out in post.

“She had to shove so many in her mouth.

“It was one of those things when she was doing it and we had printed the photos on the rice paper then the dye started to bleed onto her tongue, so we had to stop and wipe it off.

“There were all these things, but we’d never done this before.

“When have you ever printed a photograph on rice paper and asked an award-winning actress to continue to shove them into her mouth before?

“Everyone was so game.”

Roar is available for streaming on Apple TV.

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