Boris Johnson reunites with Dominic Cummings in new Spitting Image sketch

The footage portrays the director general of the BBC as a panting dog saying: ‘I love you Boris'.

Boris Johnson has reunited with Dominic Cummings in puppet form for a special Spitting Image instalment, in which he takes swipes at the BBC director general and Channel 4.

In a video made for the Edinburgh TV Festival, entitled Why Is Telly So Sh*t?, the puppet version of Cummings introduces the Prime Minister as “a former employee of mine”.

Dominic Cummings (Avalon)

When Cummings questions what friendship is, the puppet of Mr Johnson replies: “It’s a temporary arrangement to enable a passage to power, which you then end by a stab in the back.”

Cummings responds: “All the televisions executives watching this have many friends.”

The sketch portrays BBC director-general Tim Davie as a panting dog saying: “I love you Boris,” and “There is too much left-wing comedy on the BBC.”

Boris Johnson with the dog Tim Davie in Spitting Image (Avalon)

The Prime Minister strokes his head and replies: “Good boy, good Timmy, have a Timmy treat.”

The Government is consulting on plans to privatise the Channel 4 and the sketch introduces Amazon’s Jeff Bezos as the buyer.

Mr Johnson says: “If I had my way we would sell him the BBC too, the minimum wage is just what some of these pampered BBC presenters needs, let’s see how chirpy Huw Edwards is when he starts News at 10 pissing into an empty Volvic bottle.”

It also jokes that England manager Gareth Edwards will replace Channel 4’s chief content officer Ian Katz.

The puppet Southgate says: “The England team is just like Channel 4, it promises a lot but always ends up being a colossal waste of talent.”

Gareth Southgate with Boris Johnson (Avalon)

Satirical comedy Spitting Image, which returned to our screens in 2020 for the first time in 24 years, will be back on BritBox for a second series on September 11.

Southgate, Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford are among the latest stars to be turned into puppets.

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