Millie Mackintosh on what she’s eating to help her through morning sickness

The reality TV star and husband Hugo Taylor became parents for the first time last year.
The reality TV star and husband Hugo Taylor became parents for the first time last year.

Former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh has shared a pregnancy update saying her emotions have been “all over the place”.

The TV star, 31, announced at the weekend that she and husband Hugo Taylor are expecting their second child together.

The couple became parents for the first time last year with the birth of daughter Sienna.

She posted a long message on Instagram to her 1.4 million followers writing: “I share so much about how I’m feeling and what I’m going through on here that it’s been weird holding back, it feels like a relief now I can talk about my pregnancy and I’m so excited to hear from lots of other mums about how they found the experience second time around.

“It’s been easier in some ways and harder in others, here are some of the symptoms I have been experiencing over the last few months”.

Mackintosh said she had experienced morning sickness from “around 6 weeks until the end of my first trimester” and that eating has helped her to feel better.

“I’ve learnt that the only thing that really helps is for me to eat through it, ginger biscuits and marmite on toast saved me! I’ve also had this awful sour, metallic taste in my mouth which has added to my general queasiness,” she explained.

Feeling tired and insomnia were also among the symptoms she detailed.

She also wrote: “My hunger levels have been crazy, during my first trimester I needed to eat the minute I woke up and was waking up in the night starving, I keep rice cakes by my bed, it’s a primal hunger that you just can’t ignore!

“I’ve also had to eat smaller meals more often so I don’t get hungry and then feel sick. I’ve been craving a mix of sweet and savoury, Hawaiian pizzas with extra pineapple, chicken sausages with ketchup, egg fried rice with sweet chilli sauce – you get the picture!”.

The TV personality said she was experiencing pelvic pain, which she also had during her first pregnancy, and ended her message writing: “My emotions have been ALL over the place, I’m teary, grumpy and full of mood swings (lucky @hugotaylorlondon!).

“It’s definitely more challenging this time in some ways because it’s exhausting having a 1 year old but I just feel so lucky and overwhelmed with happiness!”.

Mackintosh and Taylor tied the knot in 2018.

She was previously married to musician Professor Green.