Nigella Lawson discusses lockdown impact on home cooking

Her new series begins on BBC Two next week.
Her new series begins on BBC Two next week. Her new series begins on BBC Two next week.

Nigella Lawson has said the lockdown taught people that cooking is “all about improvisation”.

The TV cook and food writer, 60, said food “really gave a focus to our lives that we were grateful for” while people were forced to stay at home.

She is set to return to TV screens next week to share some of her new recipes.

Lawson said: “I think the reason a lot of people are nervous about cooking is they think there is one perfect way and they are frightened of getting it wrong.

“Lockdown showed people who don’t consider themselves confident cooks that cooking is all about improvisation.

“It gave them confidence. You are not talking about making showstoppers, you are talking about cobbling things together to make supper.”

Lawson’s new series, Nigella’s Cook, Eat, Repeat, begins on BBC Two next week.

She said it “feels really lovely to be back”.

Nigella launches Apple app
Nigella launches Apple app (Yui Mok/PA)

“I’m lucky enough to work with a team I love, and have worked with forever.

“It feels really wonderful to be able to share my new recipes.

“Of course, for all of us, there was a bit of culture shock at first, having been living and working remotely for so long, suddenly finding ourselves on set, but after two days it felt like we had been doing it forever.”

The cook said coronavirus restrictions “did have an impact editorially, not least in the sense that we couldn’t have our usual eating scenes with friends”.

“But I made the supreme sacrifice and ate everything myself.”

Nigella’s Cook, Eat, Repeat begins on November 9 at 8pm.