Big Show offers update on his future in wrestling after Netflix debut

The WWE wrestler is now the star of a new family comedy.
The WWE wrestler is now the star of a new family comedy.

Wrestler Big Show has said he is “prepared in his mind” if he does not enter the ring again.

The WWE Raw star, who is a seven-time WWE world champion, has ventured into the world of the family sitcom with his new Netflix series, playing a version of himself as he leaves the sport and tries to take care of a family.

Discussing if this means he might not wrestle again, the actor, real name Paul Wight, told the PA news agency: “I’ve been through a lot in the past two years, I’ve had five hip surgeries in the past two years, I’ve had some complications with the first one that led to four more.

“But I worked very hard to get into ring shape and be competitive.

“I don’t want to do five nights a week in the trenches like I did before, I’ve done that for 25 years, I’ve done my time, so if I can still come out and compete at a competitive level, work with some of the younger generation and give them some tips and some experiences so I can help the next generation and still entertain our fans, yeah absolutely.

“But I am already prepared in my mind that I’ve had a fantastic career, I’m very grateful for my career.

“If I can still do some things here and there that are beneficial to the product and I’m having fun, then I’m gong to do it.

“And if I’m not having fun anymore, then it’s time to step down and find another way to have fun.”

The wrestler added: “Right now everything is very positive and I just hope that families are able to get through these extremely difficult times and hopefully we can all get restored as soon as possible.

“Right now, it’s great we can provide an escape for people and families worldwide and eventually I want them to come back and enjoy the escape after they have done a whole bunch of things they want to do and can do.”

He said the character he plays in the show is very similar to himself, even though his family are all played by actors.

The star said: “There were a lot of similarities with my own life, getting custody of my daughter from my first wife, I got custody of her when she was 15.

“So the relationship between my daughter and now on the show I have three different daughters, three powerful girls, they are all different personalities and there is the relationship of a guy who is used to being on the road and now is home all the time and has to adjust to dealing with that.

“I think the Big Show on the TV is a lot of me, I don’t think I would put myself through the same situations that the Big Show character does on the show, but I think the general warmness and the heart that is my core definitely comes out in this character.”

The Big Show Show is streaming on Netflix now.