Elisabeth Moss: The Handmaid's Tale is shockingly relevant

The actress plays Offred in the dystopian drama based on Margaret Atwood's book.

Elisabeth Moss has said it gets her “hackles up” when people say The Handmaid’s Tale is too dark.

The actress stars in the drama, which is based on the novel by Margaret Atwood and depicts a dystopian version of the US in which fertile women are forced into sexual servitude.

She told Radio Times magazine: “When people say the show is hard to watch, I get my hackles up.

“If you can’t face our show, then how are you going to face what’s actually happening in the world?

“It’s shockingly relevant.

“It’s important to hold that mirror up to society and to ourselves to try to get people to face what’s going on, before it’s too late.”

Moss, 36, said the tougher scenes are her favourites to work on.

“I’m an actor, so I don’t want to sit around looking happy all the time,” she said.

“If I do that, I get bored.

“I’m not a dark person, but my favourite days involve the emotional material.”

She went on: “I’m very good at shaking it off. As soon as we’ve finished a scene, I’m done. I’m like, ‘Where’s my coffee?’

“I’m not somebody who stays in the moment. If I stayed in character, I would lose track of reality.”

This week’s Radio Times is out on Tuesday.

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