Liam Gallagher’s formerly estranged daughter: I don’t have any anger

The 21-year-old model said she was ‘thankful’ to have met her father, even after two decades.
The 21-year-old model said she was ‘thankful’ to have met her father, even after two decades.

Liam Gallagher’s daughter Molly Moorish has said there is no bad blood between the pair after meeting for the first time last year.

The 21-year-old said she felt no anger towards the former Oasis singer and that it “all happened the way it was meant to happen”.

Moorish, who has worked as a model, was raised by her mother Lisa Moorish, who fronted the indie band Kill City in the mid 2000s.

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher met Molly Moorish for the first time last year (Ian West/PA)

Speaking to The Sunday Times Magazine, she said: “I don’t have any anger. I’m 21 now. I’m actually thankful for how I was brought up with my mum and how my life’s been.

“I wouldn’t be who I am now if…. It’s all happened the way it was meant to happen. We just got on and I’m happy to have him now.”

Gallagher said he regretted not meeting her sooner but added that “you can’t live in the past”.

The 46-year-old rocker said he looked forward to giving her “some super love”.

Recalling their first meeting, he said: “Me and Molly met in a pub across the road. Then we came here, got really drunk and that was really good.”

Asked if he had felt nervous, he replied: “Yeah, man, there were tears and all that….

“It’s a shame it didn’t happen earlier, but you can’t live in the past – you just have to draw the line and get stuck in with some super love going forward.”

Molly Moorish
Molly Moorish at a fashion show (Ian West/PA)

Gallagher recent penned a song for his daughter titled Now That I’ve Found You, which will appear on his forthcoming second solo album, Why Me? Why Not, which is due for release in September.

Asked if he planned to meet his fourth child, Gemma, six, who he shares with journalist Liza Ghorbani, Gallagher replied: “Yeah – I mean, I guess so. It’ll just have to happen naturally.’

Gallagher also has two sons, 19-year-old Lennon and 17-year-old Gene.

Asked if the family spoke about their feelings, Gene replied: “No, we just get pissed.”

Gallagher, however, responded: “No, that’s not true. If something needs to be said then it gets said, but it’s normally in a pub or when we’re on holiday.

“Touch wood, nobody’s had any problems.”

The veteran rock star also admitted that while he is still not on speaking terms with his brother and former band mate Noel, he does miss him.

He said: “Even if I hate him, I miss him at the same time. I miss what we had.”

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