Wallis Simpson signed note to Judy Garland sold at auction

The Duke Of Windsor also singed the message.

A note written by Wallis Simpson to Judy Garland referencing the lyrics to Somewhere Over The Rainbow has been sold at auction.

The personal message was addressed to the Hollywood star by the socialite while she and the Duke Of Windsor dined in New York.

Simpson and her husband Edward were turned down by The Wizard Of Oz actress after inviting her to dinner, prompting the creation of an alternative set of lyrics to her most famous song.

Garland was sent the note signed by Simpson and her high-society dinner guests in 1955.

ROYAL Monckton/Windsors 2
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor signed the note (PA)

It has now been sold by Chiswick Auctions for £3,250 after being put up for sale by a private collector.

The note, written possibly under the influence of champagne according to experts, reads: “Somewhere up in the Plaza. Way up high. There’s a gal that we miss. Oh me, oh my, oh my. etc…etc…etc…”

The note from the The Colony restaurant is signed “Wallis Simpson”, and has been co-signed by her husband, the former King Of The United Kingdom and Emperor Of India.

His marriage to Simpson, a divorcee, caused a constitutional crisis which resulted in his abdication. After his brief reign he was titled the Duke Of Windsor and lived the life of a socialite with his wife.

The note addressed to Garland
The note addressed to Garland (Chiswick Auctions)

Their company was much sought-after in the Untied States, where they mingled with high society.

Expert Valentina Borghi said of their note: “Judy Garland was supposed to catch up with Wallis Simpson and the Duke Of Windsor for dinner in New York.

“In the end she had to turn down the invitation because she was not feeling very well.

“Probably after a few glasses of champagne they got a little cheerful and happy, they wrote a version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I think the inspiration ran out after the first three lines.”

The note is signed by Babe Paley, wife of the president of broadcaster CBS, Bob Young, president of the Penn Central Railroad, Bill Paley and Charlie Cushing.

Garland kept the note in a book of memories, and it later found its way into the hands of a private collector.

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