Taylor Swift says hit songs can grow out of voice memos on her phone

The star has revealed how she keeps track of her musical ideas.
The star has revealed how she keeps track of her musical ideas.

Taylor Swift has said songs like her new hit Me come from voice memos stored on her phone.

Scared of wasting her moments of inspiration, the star records notes on her mobile phone to help her remember lyrics and hooks.

The 29-year-old has revealed that ideas often come to her in the middle of the night, and she can invent melodies in her sleep.

Speaking on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, Swift said most of her ideas are “terrible” and mumbled into her phone in the early hours of the morning.

But the singer said that, despite her voice sounding “like a grizzly bear”, other recordings can lead to successful songs.

She said: “You never get the idea, almost never, when you’re sitting in a writing session, or in the studio.

“It’s always in the middle of the night – there are times when I’ve written a really cool hook in a dream.

“You wake up and you’re like ‘I’ll definitely remember that, right?’ – and then you don’t.

“That only has to happen to you a couple of times before you start recording every single idea you ever have.

“My phone has all these three-second voice memos of me just mumbling what I think might be a good idea, and if you go back through them 97% of them are really, really terrible.

“It sounds like a grizzly bear, it doesn’t even sound like a human.

“I had this idea (Me), I stored it up for this writing session. I felt like when we went into the studio next, this is what I wanted to bring in.”

Speaking on the BBC Radio 2 morning show, Swift also said she becomes extremely animated when watching Game Of Thrones, so she decided to watch the latest episode alone.

“I get really emotional, so there’s a lot of clapping, and screaming and crying when I watch Game Of Thrones,” she said.

“I heard this was the most intense episode, and it was, so I felt like I should kind of do this alone.”