Everything you need to know about jungle winner Harry Redknapp

The football manager beat runner-up Emily Atack to win the ITV reality show.
The football manager beat runner-up Emily Atack to win the ITV reality show.

Harry Redknapp has been crowned king of the I’m A Celebrity jungle, after proving to be hugely popular with viewers.

The football manager had been a favourite to win since early in the series, despite admitting he had never seen the programme.

Already well known to those in the football world, Redknapp has now been introduced to a new set of fans.

Born in London in 1947, Redknapp played football from childhood, taking the position of midfielder.

He began his management career in the 70s, then took up his first big coaching role with Bournemouth in 1983.

He also took charge of West Ham, Portsmouth (twice), Southampton, Tottenham, QPR and then Birmingham, after a short spell as boss of Jordan’s national team. He also worked for Derby as a football adviser in 2016.

In 2008 he steered Portsmouth to victory over Cardiff in the FA Cup final at Wembley.

Before he entered the jungle he said he thought it would be easier than being the boss of a losing football team.

“You haven’t got many friends when it’s not going well as a football manager. So no, I don’t think doing this will be tougher,” said the 71-year-old.

Redknapp has been with his wife Sandra for 54 years and the couple have two sons.

He said from the start that being away from her would be difficult.

“We do everything together,” he said.

“I have been with Sandra for 54 years and I hate being away from her.”