Trump supporter Kirstie Alley – I would have been cordial to Stormy Daniels

The Celebrity Big Brother star said she would have been polite to the adult film actress unless provoked.

Kirstie Alley has said she would have been “cordial unless provoked otherwise” if Stormy Daniels had entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The adult film star, who shot to fame after claiming she had an affair with Donald Trump, was due to appear on the reality show but pulled out at the last minute.

The Cheers actress, who has been vocal in her support of the US president, said it was for the best that Daniels did not end up on the show.

She said: “I would have figured out how to deal with it, I was glad she didn’t show up in the house.

“But if she’d shown up in the house I would have been cordial to her unless provoked otherwise.”

Alley, who came second on the show, added that “time will tell” if Mr Trump can survive the scandals that surround his presidency.

She added: “The one thing I will say about Trump and I will say about every American president, which is the great thing about America, is that we have a goal to not be at war and I think any country whose goal is to not be at war will prevail.”

Asked if she deliberately avoided talking about politics in the show, she said: “I don’t walk around in my life talking about politics or religion.

“As you may have noticed while I was in the house I didn’t ask anyone what religion they were and I didn’t ask anyone what their political views were, I don’t think those are subjects for mass media.

“I think if someone was sitting in my house and they asked me a political question or a religious question I would be happy to answer, but I don’t think that is the right forum.”

She also denied that she avoided talking about her belief in Scientology while she was on the show, saying: “I don’t believe I shied away from it.

“I’m a pretty good judge of who wants to know what Scientology is and who is asking a rhetorical question so if I was in a location where I thought I could speak and answer someone’s questions in an intimate setting I would be happy to do that.”

Discussing the criticism levied at Tom Cruise for his belief in the religion, she said: “No matter what religion they are and it doesn’t have anything to do with their religion, they are my friends, and if people malign them then I am up in arms.

“What can I say? It’s the least I can do.”

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