Dinner party sparks row in Celebrity Big Brother house

Hardeep doesn’t think the stomach-churning challenge is the best TV.
Hardeep doesn’t think the stomach-churning challenge is the best TV.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Hardeep Singh Kohli and Ryan Thomas butt heads over the disgusting dinner party task, which Singh Kohli declares is “immoral”.

The housemates are told there will be a meal with “delicacies” such as old eggs, tripe, and rancid milk on offer.

Broadcaster Singh Kohli – a keen cook – is unimpressed, and makes his feelings known to his fellow housemates.

A clip shared ahead of the latest episode of the Channel 5 programme shows him asking: “Do you think viewers are entertained by watching people trying not to throw up?”

When actor Thomas tells him people do enjoy it, Singh Kohli replies: “Well I don’t understand that… I don’t understand what the world gains from that but it’s the way which you still know if it’s a circus – ban the circuses.”

Thomas tells him he can’t take things too seriously but Singh Kohli insists: “I can take it exactly however I want to take it.”

The debate rumbles on, with the presenter saying the fact he was not getting it might be his “failing”.

“It’s not about having a nice dinner, it’s about a task that’s hard work that everyone’s supposed to you know… suffer,” explains Thomas.

Singh Kohli snapped back: “It’s just f****** immoral, it’s wrong.

“Watching people vomit bad food on telly – great!”

“But Hardeep, Hardeep, you’ll sit in a room with 13 people and fart. Is that not the same thing but in a different way?” the former Corrie star asked.

Leaving the room, the broadcaster told him: “In your world, if that’s the same thing Ryan…” and gave him a thumbs up.

Celebrity Big Brother airs at 9pm on Channel 5.