CBB viewers sickened as Gabby eats from sick bucket

The former Love Island contestant was determined to finish her disgusting dinner to help the housemates pass their latest task.

Gabby Allen disgusted Celebrity Big Brother viewers by eating from a sick bucket during the reality show’s latest task.

The former Love Islander and some of her fellow housemates took part in a disgusting dinner party challenge, where “delicacies” such as old eggs, tripe and durian fruit were on offer.

Fans of the Channel 5 show said they felt sick themselves watching the contestants gagging and retching as they tried to wash down the vile meal with swigs of rancid milk.

Things got even worse when Allen vomited into a bucket – then delved into it and started to devour its contents.

Viewers could barely believe what they had seen.

“Gabby Jesus can’t believe she ate from the sick bucket,” said one person on Twitter.

“Gabby just ate her puke. What am I watching,” asked another shocked fan.

“Nah that’s vile I’ve just been sick in my mouth watching Gabby,” said another.

Another person posted: “Legit lost my appetite thanks to #CBB when #CBBGabby started eating her sick and #CBBChloe started drinking the milk.

“No just no.”

One person said: “A person eating their own sick out of a bucket marked the very end of my #cbb viewing.

“Degrading behaviour is not entertainment. Standards please people.”

However, other viewers were impressed with Allen’s determination, and one fan said she was an “absolute trooper”.

The task also caused tension between Hardeep Singh Kohli and Ryan Thomas.

Singh Kohli questioned whether the challenge was entertainment and pointed out that while they were playing a game with food, some people had to visit food banks.

Thomas told him not to take things too seriously, but Singh Kohli insisted: “I can take it exactly however I want to take it.”

The debate rumbled on, with the presenter saying the fact he was not getting it might be his “failing”.

“It’s just f****** immoral, it’s wrong,” he said. “Watching people vomit bad food on telly – great!”

“But Hardeep, Hardeep, you’ll sit in a room with 13 people and fart. Is that not the same thing but in a different way?” the former Corrie star asked.

Leaving the room, the broadcaster told Thomas: “In your world, if that’s the same thing Ryan…” and gave him a thumbs up.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5.

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