Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks end their feud

Banks said she “cried a bit” when her former foe responded.
Banks said she “cried a bit” when her former foe responded.

Azealia Banks has apologised for saying “negative” and “catty” things about fellow rapper Nicki Minaj.

Banks, 26, said Bang Bang singer Minaj, 34, had a “brilliant art mind” which reminded her “a lot of myself”.

She said: “I want to apologise for whatever catty shit I’ve said to and or about you in the past…Now that I’m growing up I’m realising a lot about what it means to be a strong woman and you’ve showed nothing but strength and perseverance from day one.”

She added: “You have my word. That from here on out, I will never say anything negative or catty things about you ever again. Inside of all of us there’s a little black girl who cries and the last thing I want to see is that little black girl cry. Much much love and success.”

She posted a screengrab of Minaj’s reply that “you’re very talented and very smart. Focus on what really matters from now on”.

Banks, whose other former foes have included Iggy Azalea, posted the message on Instagram and wrote: “Not gonna lie, I cried a bit when she responded.”