Doctor Who superfans welcome Jodie Whittaker as Time Lord

Peter Capaldi’s successor is the first female Doctor.
Peter Capaldi’s successor is the first female Doctor.

Doctor Who superfans have welcomed the casting of Broadchurch actress Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor.

Writer and avid fan Jenny Colgan – who has written several Doctor Who novels and audio dramas – said she was “absolutely delighted” that Whittaker is the new Doctor, describing her as “brilliant and bold and brave”.

She said: “When I was a little girl I thought I was the only female Doctor Who fan in the world. Now Jodie Whittaker is taking it to a whole new place, and I am absolutely delighted for all of us wee Whoviennes, old and new.”

Jodie as the Doctor (Colin Hutton/BBC)

Asked what she would say to anyone unhappy that the new Doctor is a woman, she said: “People are always unhappy when there’s a new Doctor, that’s just the way of it.

“Then new stuff happens and it’s brilliant and everyone loves them and they have to leave and then everyone gets sad again.

“If you really would stop watching Doctor Who because it was a woman, I don’t think you really understand the entire ethos the last 55 years of The Doctor has been about.”

Dermot Devlin, a disability campaigner and advisor from Omagh in County Tyrone, said he was looking forward to seeing what Whittaker does with the role, adding that he hoped she was chosen because she was right for the part, and not as a gimmick.

Devlin, who was once photographed with Billie Piper as he cosplayed as Davros, said: “I am looking forward to seeing the direction she Takes the Doctor in and I do believe the time is right for ‘he’ to become ‘she’.

“Michelle Gomez paved the way as The Master to Missy and she was fantastic.”

Devlin, who said he thought Whittaker was “excellent” in Broadchurch, joked: “So Jodie, it’s over to you and if you’re looking for a companion, you know where and when to find me.”