Care home residents hope to impress King with their song for his coronation

The song has been sent to the King for a listen.
The song has been sent to the King for a listen. The song has been sent to the King for a listen.

Residents at a care home have said they are sure the King will “love” a song they wrote and sent to him to mark the coronation.

Care UK’s Heather View in Crowborough, East Sussex has been filled with music, with residents deciding to write a song for the monarch, which has been sent to Charles for “an exclusive first listen” via a CD.

Residents Ethel Thomas, 94, Monica Lanfear, 93, Jean Morrison, 91, and Jill Willcock, 88, helped to write and create the song using professional equipment, which was set up in the home’s cinema.

Group cheering together
Group cheering together (from left to right) Resident Jean Morrison with Carol King (lifestyle coordinator) and sound engineer Roger Channing, who provided the equipment for the team to use (Care UK/Mark Dimmock/PA) (Mark Dimmock Photographer (NUJ) markdimmock@me.com)

“I really enjoyed writing and recording the coronation song, it was such fun in the studio,” said Ms Lanfear.

“There was a lot of laughter involved as well as singing.

“We loved making it and having our photos taken.

“The King will love it, I’m sure!”

Some of the song’s uplifting lyrics include: “A new King is being crowned today, the crowds outside are shouting…. ‘Hooray’

“His wife Camilla will be by his side, in his new Queen, he will confide.”

Group standing together
Group standing together (from left to right) Pauline Jones (resident), Connor Croft (lifestyle coordinator), Andrea Butler (lifestyle lead) and Monica Lanfear (resident) (Care UK/Mark Dimmock/PA) (Mark Dimmock Photographer (NUJ) )

Natasha King, home manager at Heather View, added that writing the song allowed residents to reflect on royal celebrations in the past.

“For older people, including those living with dementia, reminiscing about historic celebrations can help bring back happy memories, as well as prompting conversation and connection with those around them,” she said.

“We loved writing and recording our song for the King’s Coronation, we hope the song will be crown jewel in his coronation celebrations. Long live the King!”