Irish supermarket's Christmas advert with a 2020 twist draws warm reception

SuperValu's commercial features a boy called Conor, who is awaiting a mysterious Christmas visitor.

An advert for an Irish supermarket chain is taking social media by storm thanks to an emotive, 2020-themed twist.

SuperValu released the commercial, which stars a young boy called Conor who is preparing for Christmas amid Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

“Is he still coming this year?” Conor asks his mother, to which she replies “of course he is”.

The scenes that follow show the boy appearing to write a letter to Father Christmas and even placing a sign which reads “please stop here” outside his home and laying out a plate of mince pies with a glass of milk.

However, hearing movement downstairs one night, Conor hurries down the stairs to be greeted by his grandfather.

“Grandad! I knew you’d come,” says Conor, followed by the tagline “SuperValu: We Believe”.

The advert reflects the desire for families to be together at Christmas in a year of uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic, and has received a warm reception online.

“Don’t think even John Lewis will top this,” tweeted @dok88.

“@SuperValuIRL have won Christmas with this!”

“Oh dear, the kicker at the end makes you realise how much Covid has actually affected you, even if you thought it hadn’t,” responded Twitter user @_CiaraKeegan.

Within four hours of posting, the food retailer’s advert had been viewed over 50,000 times on Twitter and shared thousands of times on Facebook.

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