Watch five-week-old polar bear cub take tentative baby steps at zoo

The cub was born at Columbus Zoo in November.

A young polar bear cub has been observed taking a few tentative steps at a zoo in the US.

The cub, born at the end of November at Columbus Zoo in Ohio, was captured on camera attempting a few steps as mum Aurora stepped out for a walk of her own.

The zoo tweeted: “When you step out of the room and your kid starts to walk…!

“Aurora’s cub is now 5 weeks old and starting to maneuver around the den. While momma bear was getting a drink of water, the little one took the opportunity to stretch his or her legs!

The cub was born to 13-year-old Aurora and 20-year-old Lee on Thanksgiving Day, November 28.

Polar bears are listed as an endangered species because of the reduction of their habitat caused by climate change, according to the WWF.

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