An F-bomb filled tweet by Lana Del Rey has become a meme

Be warned, this article contains some strong language – obviously.
Be warned, this article contains some strong language – obviously.

An online feud between American pop stars Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks has spawned a rather sweary meme.

The pair clashed after Del Rey publicly criticised Kanye West for his vocal support of US President Donald Trump – a confrontation that riled Banks.

“Don’t use Kanye for your own vapid attempts to seem politically aware … Kanye is not your enemy or THE enemy,” the rapper wrote on Instagram. “I’m tired of white women in Hollywood and their fake a** innocent agendas.”

Del Rey responded on Twitter, asking Banks to come to her address and “say it to my face” then later posted the following blunt tweet – be warned it contains very strong language.

The fiery feud has raged on and become increasingly personal, but it is Del Rey’s potent mixture of F-bombs and a double negative that has been shared most and now even become a meme.

Here is how nine others interpreted the comment:

1. A bargaining chip at the bar

2. A food shield

3. A romantic tool

4. Consumer protection

5. An expression of rage

6. A mantra for 5 Seconds Of Summer fans

7. Translating South Korean pop music

8. Explaining eating habits

9. An ode to a year

So long as celebrities keep making statements, the internet will keep parodying them.