These adverts on display at a GP surgery are bizarre yet compelling

You'll want to get a flu jab after seeing some of these.

Waiting in a doctor’s surgery is not usually a highlight of anyone’s day.

But for one woman, her 50-minute wait for an appointment turned into something of a lesson in advertising as she was subjected to a rotating screen of medical-awareness messages.

Podcaster Helen Zaltzman shared the images in a series of tweets which have been liked and shared more than 9,000 times.

It’s not hard to see the comedy value when a message about fridges accompanies a couple on a sun-drenched white beach.

TV screen showing a white couple on a sundrenched white beach with the text "avoid food poisoning by using y our fridge correctly"
(Helen Zaltzman/PA)

The message reads: “Avoid food poisoning by using your fridge correctly”.

While you’ve barely had a chance to work out the link between fridges and beaches, another PSA pops up.

One ad simply says “flu jabs” five times and in different sizes – although the message did sink in about what was actually on offer.

TV screen advertising flu jabs
(Helen Zaltzman/PA)

In a follow-up tweet, Zaltzman said she hadn’t had a jab yet, explaining: “This was a SNEAK PREVIEW of flu jab season, which premieres late September (for the over-65s, children and cancer patients).”

It’s a phrase that can easily get stuck in one’s head…

…and bring out people’s creative side.

The pictures prompted other people to share similar experiences.

Here’s that video in all its glory:

If that’s on a loop with the sound playing, you’ve got to worry about the reception staff.

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