This artist's incredible leaf origami will catapult you into full spring mode

The level of creativity is unbeleafable.

A Japanese artist is bringing flowers and leaves back to life by transforming them into stunning figurines and wall decorations.

Twitter user @kusabanaasobi creates delicate leaf origami by moulding dandelions, poppies, camellia plants and ginkgo leaves into adorable ballerinas, frogs and pandas.

This bird was made using an azalea “red bird” flower.

The artist, who lives near Tokyo, takes only 10 to 20 minutes to create each dainty artwork and generously films the process for our viewing pleasure.

This girl in a red kimono, made from the  petals of a camellia flower, has been viewed more than 275,000 times.

The 49-year-old told the Press Association: “I live in an ordinary residential area – it is not a place where nature is particularly rich.

“The basic leaf origami is made by hand only, without using tools.”

Look! At! This! Dandelion! Ballerina! Ready for the Bolshoi.

Wait for it…

OK, the panda takes the biscuit. These ones were made using dandelion seed fluff.

This armadillo, made out of field horsetail, is creepin’ up on ya.

The results are incredible – clearly, these creations are a world away from the good old daisy chain.

Here are a couple of monks made out of cherry tree leaves.

Take a look at this wildly impressive lion, made with a butterbur leaf.

How cute! Definitely one to try at home. More works can be found here.

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