This new comic brilliantly imagines sassy shark conversations

Shark bantz.
Shark bantz.

A new comic which imagines conversations between sharks covering everything from romance and heart attacks to Uber is now popping up online thanks to a new comedy partnership.

Duo Christian Talbot and Sophie Hodge are the writer and illustrator behind Sharks, which pitches the banter with black and white drawings of the sharks.

The funny comics often include a dollop of pop culture and are amassing retweets and likes across social media.

“I just thought the idea of sharks having conversations was very funny,” Christian, an aspiring stand-up comedian, told Press Association.

He initially met Sophie at Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2017 and the two stayed in touch.

When his Facebook posts on sharks started to gain attention he was encouraged to find an illustrator and then learned of Sophie’s skills over dinner.

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“Sophie is a great illustrator and her style works perfectly for the cartoons. Instead of being ‘cartoon’ sharks, they’re more realistic and I think that makes them even funnier,” said Christian, 45.

“Plus Sophie has a great comic instinct, knowing just the right time in the cartoon to reveal things.”

Among his favourites are conversations about blood/toast and romance.

While for Christian comedy is a full-time job which sees him split his time between London and Dundrum, Co Down, Sophie fits in her new shark art gig around work at a mental health charity.

“I do the drawing in my spare time, which is a nice change from my computer-based job,” said Sophie, 30, who also lives in London.

“I love Christian’s original and off the wall sense of humour. He brings the funny.”

One of her favourite cartoons so far includes a reference to Blue Planet II about how one octopus can disguise as a shark.

After the early success of the launch, Christain and Sophie are now quite open about their future goals.

They would love to secure a publishing deal – converting the comic into a book “hopefully in large quantities, just before Christmas”.

Christian added: “We’re big fans of comic books like Andy Riley’s Book Of Bunny Suicides and would love to create something like that.”

Until a book is a reality follow The Life Of Sharks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and see their merchandise on RedBubble.