Watch: This meaty huntsman spider was no match for a fearless wasp

Gross, yet fascinating, yet gross.
Gross, yet fascinating, yet gross.

This is the moment a fearless wasp was captured dragging a paralysed huntsman spider across a garden in South Australia.

Jace Watkins, 27, was playing with his children at his grandparents’ house in Mansfield Park, Adelaide, when the scene unfolded.

He quickly grabbed his phone to capture the insect at work.

His video shows a wasp eagerly dragging the huntsman – more than twice its size – from a concrete slab into the grass.

He told the Press Association: “The huntsman dropped from the tin roof and landed next to me followed by the wasp. The wasp begin to pull it towards the grass when I rushed inside to get my phone out.

“I started recording just before it got to the grass. It was pretty cool. The wasp flew around it for several minutes after the video ended before we headed back inside and left it be.”

Although it was the first time Mr Watkins had seen it happen, other social media users shared similar tales.

But here is where is gets graphic – and gross.

The wasp uses the huntsman to lay her eggs, and when they hatch, they feed on the arachnid. Lovely.