This couple were in for a snappy Christmas Day stroll

This is undoubtedly the stuff of nightmares.
This is undoubtedly the stuff of nightmares.

A couple of walkers from Melbourne got a Christmas Day shock when they found a metre-long (3ft) crocodile in their front garden.

The pair, who are from Heidelberg Heights, immediately called Victoria Police – who at first were highly sceptical and expected to see a large lizard.

Instead officers found the crocodile sitting on the footpath of the Waiora Road address when they arrived.

Knowing this was a job for an expert, the police notified reptile catcher Mark Pelley – who was able to handle the situation.

Mark explained to local Australian news station 7 News Melbourne that the crocodile was “scared as he was surrounded by many police officers” but he was eventually able to “cover his eyes to calm him down”.

The reptile will remain with the carer until the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning can collect it.

It’s not known where the crocodile came from, but police are appealing for anyone with any information to get in touch.