Woman accused of speaking ‘foreign muck’ while speaking Welsh – in Wales

Elin was talking to her baby.
Elin was talking to her baby. Elin was talking to her baby.

A mother has apparently been accused of speaking “foreign muck” while speaking Welsh to her young daughter – in Wales.

Elin Jones, 32, was in a shop with her young daughter Elena when a lady reprimanded her.

“She just came up to me when I was telling my baby what the fruit was in Welsh and was very serious,” Jones, from Lampeter, told the Press Association.

“She said ‘You shouldn’t be talking that foreign muck here’, to which I replied, ‘I was speaking Welsh and this is Wales.'”

Jones said the woman then walked off.

“I’m not sure whether the lady thought that I was speaking Polish or another language,” said Jones. “But even so, I don’t think that discrimination of anyone is okay.”

Elin’s post on Twitter about the bizarre incident has received a huge amount of attention, racking up over 10,000 retweets in a couple of days.

“The reaction is beyond anything I expected,” Jones, who is a Plaid Cymru town councillor and also works at the Grannel Hotel, said.

“I tweeted because I wanted to make a point about discrimination not being acceptable in any form.

“There’s also been so much backlash against the Welsh language recently, and this is only one small part of that.”

“I’ve received messages of support from all over the world,” added Jones. “And I hope that this will do something to shed some light on the issue.”