Is this Serie B team about to be relegated with the best defence in the league?

How has this happened?
How has this happened? How has this happened?

Usually the football teams with the best goal-scoring or defensive records in the league have a pretty good chance of winning their division, but Pisa are having a very different experience in Serie B.

The Italian side boasts the best defence in the Italian second division, but somehow look very likely to face relegation.

That’s 29 goals conceded in 39 games – the next best defensive team has conceded five more than Pisa. Impressive stuff, especially for a team sat bottom of the league. How has that happened?Since going bottom, Pisa have in fact been lifted to 21st in the league after Latina suffered a points deduction – and while Pisa have also endured a total of four deducted points this season, it hasn’t affected their league position mathematically.All this must mean their goal-scoring has been poor, and that is indeed the case. Pisa have scored only 22 goals in the league this season, a full 10 goals fewer than any other team.In their last five league games for example the team have conceded just four goals, but have only scored one.

With three games left of the season, and six points between them and 20th, it looks very likely Pisa will get relegated. Very strange.