This guy made his dog a hilarious identification card

It’s unlikely to be used in any of the local bars.
It’s unlikely to be used in any of the local bars.

Dogs may have collars and identification tags, but they don’t exactly carry around an ID.

One dog owner decided that this inequality was just too much to bear, so fashioned his beloved pooch her own personal identification card.

Dog ID

As you can imagine, it’s not exactly like the ID you carry around in your pocket.

Instead of key information like address and date of birth, Rosie Girl’s ID tells you her “human voice” (a delightful mix of trucker and cafeteria lady, FYI) as well as her typical hangouts (which include running the yard and laying in bed – actually pretty relatable, come to think of it).

People are absolutely loving the alternative animal ID. Maybe it should get rolled out for pooches across the country?

Others are more curious as to what the dog will be doing with this ID.

Regardless of what it’ll get used for, making it is definitely an excellent way to spend your time. It’s always good to officially know that Rosie Girl’s eyes are “dreamy.”