Spoilers: Fans react as Succession's glorious TV reign comes to a dramatic end

Succession's fourth and final series came to a dramatic conclusion yesterday
Succession's fourth and final series came to a dramatic conclusion yesterday Succession's fourth and final series came to a dramatic conclusion yesterday

THE final episode of award-winning TV hit Succession aired yesterday and fans have been sharing their reactions to the HBO-made ensemble drama's incredibly tense 90-minute finale on social media.

(Obviously, do not read on if you have yet to watch the episode in question)

HBO themselves were first to the party/wake for the Jesse Armstrong-created and written series which centred on the Roy family, the global media empire built by its boorish patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox), and the often vicious battle between his offspring - Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Siobhan (Sarah Snook) - to take the reins following his retirement.

They posted a series of images capturing our final glimpse of key characters from the show, which ran for four series.

Journalist Angela Haggerty summed up the feelings of many fans, who will now enter a period of mourning for their TV favourite:

Arab Strap man Aidan Moffat also praised the show and its final episode for making viewers care about such a collection of superficially hateful characters, while also praising the powerful score by Nicholas Britell:

He wasn't the only fan to single out the show's music for praise:

Everyone had their favourite characters on the show, and 'Team Kendall' were quick to praise Jeremy Strong for his work in the finale:

Clearly, the actor himself is keen to shake off Kendall Roy: in a behind-the-scenes video, we saw Strong having his head shaved by co-star Sarah Snook after filming wrapped:

However, let's take a moment to reflect on the majesty of the most Machiavellian Roy 'sib', the one and only Shiv:

And let's not forget about one of the show's so-called fringe characters, Willa (Justine Lupe) - having married eldest sibling Connor Roy, could it be that the queen of the Connheads was the real winner in the Roys' scramble for power?

Other fans praised the incredible ensemble work that made the series such a powerful watch:

That said, everyone knows that Roman Roy was the true MVP of the series:

Proof of that, as if proof were needed, can be found in the finale's 'cheese' scene:  

As the dust settles, the folks at the Pilot TV podcast - some of our most trusted connoisseurs of 'peak TV' - have already declared the finale to have been the capper for "one of the greatest TV shows ever made":

All that remains now is to sit back and wait to see how many more awards the show will collect:

Until awards season commences, why not revisit some of the show's best lines in the company of Logan and Gerri, AKA Brian Cox and J Smith-Cameron: