You need this on your Christmas list - the £69.99 Ferrari that lets you live out your Magnum, P.I. dreams

If you've all but given up on the dream of putting a real Ferrari - never mind a Magnum-spec 308 - on your driveway, there's some good news from Playmobil

William Scholes
Relive your childhood dreams with Playmobil's brilliant model of Thomas Magnum's Ferrari 308
WE'VE all dreamed of owning a Ferrari, right? A red one? If you're a man of, erm, a certain age (like your correspondent…), then there's a fair chance that Magnum, P.I. played a significant role in making the Prancing Horse covetable, writes William Scholes, P.I.
The 1980s action show was part of a golden era that included Knight Rider, The A-Team and The Fall Guy and which put cars firmly at the centre of the action. Car-obsessed youngsters, who otherwise had to rely on infrequent screenings of James Bond movies for their tyre-smoking kicks, gobbled them all up. Today's 4k-streaming kids, with on-demand and YouTube, don't know how lucky they are…
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The iconic combination of Tom Selleck, complete with luxurious moustache and Hawaiian shirt, and the Magnum, P.I. Ferrari 308
The eponymous hero of Magnum, P.I., Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV, was the epitome of a certain 1980s' cool. The show starred Tom Selleck, with Tom Selleck's hairy chest and Tom Selleck's luxuriant moustache in supporting roles, and featured helicopters, Hawaii, Aloha shirts, a Rolex GMT Master Pepsi and a talking parrot.



But the Ferrari 308 - glossily red, impossibly sleek and exotic, complete with pop-up headlamps and V8 soundtrack - was Selleck's real co-star, Magnum's trusty steed as the private investigator solved all manner of improbable mysteries.


Check out the chest hair - Playmobil's Magnum, P.I set has real attention to detail


If, like me, you've all but given up on the dream of putting a real Ferrari - never mind a Magnum-spec 308 - on your driveway, there's some good news from Playmobil.

It has added a wonderful model of Magnum's Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole ('Quattrovalvole' is simply Italian for 'four valve', but doesn't it instantly sound better than in English?) to its line-up.


The Magnum, P.I. crew, as reimagined by Playmobil


The toy comes with not only a Thomas Magnum figure - complete with moustache and hairy chest peeping out from his Hawaiian shirt - but also his crew - TC, Rick, Higgins and, of course, the parrot.


Reliving your Magnum, P.I. dreams was never so accessible


Playmobil toys are highly, well, playable and mobile, and the £70 Magnum model has a removable roof, an opening engine cover and even pop-up headlamps.


Just like the real thing, Playmobil's Ferrari 308 model has pop-up headlamps and a removable 'targa' roof


It's worth noting that the first life-size Ferrari 308s had their bodywork made from fibreglass, so a plastic toy is perhaps a fitting homage (though the GTS version that Magnum drove always had steel bodywork).

Playmobil's take on the Magnum, P.I. Ferrari is fun for anyone aged 5-99...