Electrified Range Rover classic gets Tesla drivetrain, 0-60mph in 5.0 seconds and £225k price tag

William Scholes


Inverted's electrified Range Rover gets a range of 200 miles and hot hatch performance

At the other end of the refurbished classic scale from the Fiat 500 featured here is this from 'EV regeneration specialist' Inverted.

It's a classic Range Rover, as you can see, which has had its lazy V8 engine and fuel tank swapped for a 80kWh Tesla battery and motor. It serves up 450bhp and 443lb ft of torque, which is a substantial upgrade compared to the around 125bhp and 185lb ft in 1970. Inverted have upgraded the axles and brakes to cope with all the extra oomph. Range is around 200 miles and the 0-60mph time is 5.0 seconds.

"I made the conscious decision to recycle and re-use existing Tesla batteries, rather than increasing footprint with carbon intensive new modules," explains Harry Millington, Inverted founder.


Inverted fully restore your Range Rover inside and out during the EV transformation


As well as the electric drivetrain, the rest of the car gets fully restored and the owner is able to choose what their colours, trim and other refinements. Inverted say they'll do just six a year, though it takes up to 18 months to build one. The price? A mere £225,000, plus VAT. That would buy a lot of original Fiat 500s...