Volkswagen unveils its sleek new long-range ID7 EV saloon

IT'S only a couple of weeks since we were getting excited about Volkswagen's ID2all EV concept vehicle - a teaser for its sub-£25k production hatchback that's set to launch next year - and now, the Wolfsburg-based automaker has unveiled its brand new ID7 EV, a practical sport hatch with a 435 mile range.

Much has been made of the retro-stylings of the ID2all (not least by me), to the extent that VW have refused to deny that it might actually be badged as a Polo by the time it hits dealerships.

The ID7 is yet another knowing nod to VW's past, as it also steps away from the chunky mini-SUV looks of its ID forbearers towards sleeker saloon-inspired lines more akin to the Arteon and, from certain angles perhaps, the old B2 Passat in five-door form.

That mid/late-1980s design was the last time VW offered a sport hatch saloon until the Arteon revived this attractive and practical rear-end treatment for the executive sector. Surely it's not a mere coincidence that the ID7 has followed suit in 2023, which marks the 50th anniversary of the recently discontinued Passat?

Anyway, I digress.

What we know for sure is that the ID7 is set for launch in Europe this autumn and has been designed to transport its occupants over long distances - up to 435 miles (WLTP) between charges, in fact. VW have equipped the car with its largest EV battery to date, an 86kWh unit which can charge at speed of up to charge at speeds of up to 200kW: a smaller 77kWh version with a 382 mile range and max charge rate of 170kW will also be available.

Exact performance figures haven't been divulged yet, but given that the ID5 currently offers a 299hp dual-motor setup, it seems safe to assume that the ID7 will offer a similar configuration.

At 4.96m in length, the ID7 will actually be longer than the current Arteon, and passengers will feel the benefit of its sleek, long wheelbase footprint thanks to the MEB platform's flat floor, which should provide oodles of leg room.

Front seat occupants will enjoy smart heated/cooled 14-way adjustable seats made from recycled materials, plus optional ‘pneumatic pressure point massage’ functionality, while an optional smart glass pano-roof will allow you to enjoy summer sunshine or block it out at the touch of a 'button', just like in the Porsche Taycan.

Yes, that's a 'button', because VW are sticking to their touchscreen-dominated controls for the ID7: it comes with a 15-inch display as standard through which you must access all key functions, from navigation and media to phone connectivity, plus touch-sensitive sliders for the heating/ventilation and volume settings.

While the latter fiddly controls have been the bane of ID4 owners' lives for a couple of years now, apparently Volkswagen don't care. Well, not much anyway - they have at least now provided illuminated backlighting for the sliders, so you can finally adjust the heating/cooling/loudness more easily after dark.

However, the ID7 will also come equipped with the new IDA voice assistant, so maybe she/he/it can fiddle with them on your behalf via voice command.

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, is excited about the ID7.

“With the ID.7 we are taking the next step in our electric offensive," he enthuses.

"The limousine offers a high level of comfort and long ranges. Already by 2026, we will offer the widest electric range of all manufacturers in Europe – from the entry-level model for less than 25,000 Euros up to the ID7 as the new top model within the ID family.

"Our goal is to achieve an electric car share of 80 per cent in Europe by 2030. As from 2033, Volkswagen will produce only electric vehicles in Europe.”

Check out the ID7 yourself now via