VW unveil affordable ID 2all EV concept - an electric Golf for all?

VOLKSWAGEN has unveiled its latest futuristic concept car - and it looks a lot like a good old-fashioned Golf, on the outside at least.

Designed to be a small, affordable EV with a price point under €25k, the ID 2all eschews the design cues of its production ID forebearers in favour of a solidly retro look that's very reminiscent of VW's recent Golf, Polo and Beetle offerings. Indeed, VW actually claim the production version of this cute front wheel drive hatchback will be "as spacious as a Golf and as inexpensive as a Polo" when it arrives in 2025.

And, while the interior tech is solidly 21st century stuff rooted in touch screens and digital displays, you can even set the driver info unit to become a digital representation of the analogue dials found in the Mk1 Golf and Polo.

Based on Volkswagen's new MEB Entry platform, the ID 2all is powered by a single electric 166kW / 225hp motor integrated into the front axle, offering a 0-62 mph time of less than seven seconds which is pretty much on par with the current Pro Performance-spec ID 3.

While exact battery specs haven't yet been disclosed, the ID 2all promises a range of 279 miles, greater than that offered by all but the top-spec 'Pro S' Tour edition of the ID3 (339 miles WLTP), and a 10 to 80 per cent charge time of 20 minutes at DC quick-charging stations. Home charging of up to 11 kW is possible via home or public AC charging points.

The ID 2all also has a much bigger boot than the ID3, offering 490l of storage space, which increases to 1,330l with the seats folded flat, compared to the ID3's 385l / 1,267l.

The car has been designed by Andreas Mindt, who took over as the new Head of Volkswagen Design last month and immediately binned the previously announced VW ID Life concept vehicle - a much more recognisably 'ID'-looking vehicle - in favour of the ID 2all's heritage-inspired design that's apparently based around three fundamentals: stability, likeability and excitement.

"Likeability is created by the golden ratio," Mindt elaborates.

"This is quite simply the ratio of three-fifths to two-fifths. The feature line running below the window shoulder is located on exactly the golden ratio line of the ID 2all. Both the Beetle and Golf also always followed the principle of the golden ratio.

 “The front of the ID. 2all is characterised by upwardly rising elements. The careful use of these elements creates a confident smile. It is important for us that the front of a Volkswagen shows a human expression. Just like the ID 2all.”

Kai Grünitz from VW's Brand Board of Management explains what makes the ID 2all special.

“The production version of the ID 2all will be a full-value electric vehicle for every day of the year," he says, "a typical Volkswagen with sufficient space and a long range so that the destination can be reached without problems, even on long journeys.

"Thanks to the extremely variable MEB platform, our customers will also benefit from state-of-the-art technologies in the price class around €25,000."

The production ID 2all will be one of 10 new electric Volkswagens launched by 2026, including the imminent  new ID3, long-wheelbase ID Buzz and ID7 saloon. A compact electric SUV is also promised by 2026, along with an electric car that will cost less than €20k.

To be honest, the fact that the ID 2all looks so much like a Golf means it's hard to imagine it actually going on sale next to the real deal in the VW model range.

Given that 'ID 2all' doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, why don't Volkswagen just call a spade a spade - or rather, why don't they just badge a Golf as a 'Golf'?