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Why the Nativity? - Free tickets to film explaining the story of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey...


There will be a free screening of Why the Nativity? in Belfast on December 3


IT won't have escaped your notice that we are homing in on Christmas, which can prompt the question, 'What's it all about, anyway?'

In an effort to provide an answer, and explain why school and church nativity plays include Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey, as well as angels, shepherds and wise men, US-based Christian broadcaster Turning Point Ministries has produced a feature film bringing the story of the first Christmas to life.

Why the Nativity? dramatises the biblical story, from the Old Testament prophecies foretelling Jesus' birth to the Gospel accounts of the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary, the star guiding the Wise Men from the East, Joseph and Mary's journey to Bethlehem, angels appearing to the shepherds and, of course, Jesus' birth in a manger in a stable.

The film is getting a free screening at Cineworld at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast at 10am Saturday December 3.

Tickets can be booked at - there's also a trailer for the film on the website - or by telephoning 0800 058 2856.

A scene from Why the Nativity?

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