Sleb Safari: I'm A Celebrity secrets are being spilled

Maeve Connoly

Maeve Connolly

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The kind of buffet hungry I'm A Celebrity campmates dream about
The kind of buffet hungry I'm A Celebrity campmates dream about

NOW that the I’m A Celebrity campmates are back in the real world and the rice and beans have been consigned to hungry/hangry history it’s a good time to check in on them; find out how they’re coping.

AJ Pritchard has been coping by giving away camp secrets.

“OK, so we had heat lamps above, and you probably couldn’t see this on camera, but the heat lamps would maybe turn on at about 2am and about maybe 5am to kind of make it feel warm in the sleeping areas,” he shared on his podcast.

“I was worried that we were going to be outside, in the sticks, with like little tents… when I got in and there was a roof over my head and I saw the beds, I was like, ‘this is too easy, this makes me feel very happy, but still very confused because it looks too easy’,” AJ continued, before insisting “It was cold, I always had my long johns on.”

Sleb Safari could get on board with camping in Wales in the month of November if there were heat lamps, a roof and beds.

AJ (face of an angel, appetite of a blue whale), was ravenous throughout the series. Finding out which foodstuffs the celebrities chose for the buffet they inhale after leaving the camp is always fun.

Jessica Plummer was sick as a dog following the drinking challenge she and Shane Richie aced but was well enough by the time she emerged from Gwrych Castle to eat the following: "I got to the hotel and there was spaghetti bolognese waiting for me. I also ordered chicken caesar salad. There was a fruit platter and confectionery spread which I ate. There were four quarters of pickle sandwiches, which I ate. I then ordered sticky toffee pudding. I did it in [Mo's] honour. And then I had two breakfasts this morning."

Committed camp vegan Beverley Callard enjoyed a "vegan spread and a basket of chips" as well as "carrots and hummus." We can all look forward to Beverley’s range of vegan ready meals hitting a supermarket shelf near you plus her book Be-Vegan-ley Callard: A Vegan Spread And Basket of Chips.

Jordan ‘Happy Place’ North did an AJ and divulged that there are ways and means to ensure a camp conversation stays private.

He said campmates were informed that the show didn’t have the rights to music by The Beatles, Queen or Disney and they therefore couldn’t sing any relevant songs as the footage would not be broadcastable.

“So, if we were having a conversation that we didn’t want to go on air, we’d have a conversation, and we’d get someone in the background to sing, I Want To Break Free,” he explained.

“I’d be there with Shane Richie going ‘Is he really like that!? Oh, I’ve always loved him on telly’ and he’s going ‘God, he’s nothing like what you see of him’.”

“Then you’ve got Vernon in the background going ‘Hey Jude! Don’t let me dowwwwwn’ and then we’d know it wouldn’t go on air.”

Hmm. Ruthie Henshall mustn’t have got that memo. And for that we're thankful.

Dionne Warwick is coming for the Thes

AND so to Dionne Warwick who is living her best life on Twitter.

She spent last weekend challenging musicians with ‘The’ in their names; starting with Chance The Rapper.

It was all good natured and began when Dionne tagged him in the tweet: “If you are very obviously a rapper why did you put it in your stage name? I cannot stop thinking about this.”

Then she turned her attention to The Weeknd. “The Weeknd is next. Why? It’s not even spelled correctly?”

Dionne spelt it out: “If you have ‘The’ in your name I’m coming for you. I need answers today.”

Chance The Rapper said he was “freaking out” that Dionne knew who he was, to which she replied: “Of course I know you. You’re THE rapper. Let’s rap together. I’ll message you.”

And you know how this story ends of course. Dionne and Chance The Rapper are going to record a song together in aid of charity. And that's the Twitter Sleb Safari likes.

Elf on the Shelf gets a celebrity overhaul

Sleb Safari is very much in favour of the latest celebrity social media craze that was sparked by Garcelle Beauvais in honour of the Elf on the Shelf. Garcelle posted a picture of Pharrell Williams with a tiny version of herself on his shoulder, thus giving us Garcelle on Pharrell.

Elizabeth Banks took up the mantle with a tiny Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump on her shoulder, therefore Hanks on Banks. Mariah Carey threw her hat in the ring with Carrey on Carey; Reese Witherspoon offered Grease on Reese; Kerry Washington stepped up with (Katy) Perry on Kerry and Mark Ruffalo rustled up Stark on Mark.

Long may this last.


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Social Media Smut


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