Sneaky fitness: How to work exercise into your day without you even noticing

Start your day with resistance exercises including squats, lunges, press-ups, heel raises and a plank

TO GET more non-exercise activity into your day, personal trainer Eliza Flynn suggests the following:

:: Start your day with five minutes of resistance exercise: 60 seconds of squats, lunges, press-ups, heel raises and a plank. If you’re older, getting out of a chair without using your hands expends extra energy and is good for mobility. Or stand near a wall in case you need support and take one foot off the ground. Count how long you can do this and improve by a second a day.

:: Introduce the 20/20 rule – for every 20 minutes you sit, move for 20 seconds: go to the loo, grab a glass of water, stand and stretch, have a wriggle. Set a timer to remind you.

:: Work standing up for some of the time – set up your computer on your kitchen counter. But mix it up by moving to sitting.

:: Pace the room while on the phone.

:: Put clothes on while standing up, to work your balance and coordination.

:: Dry your hair while you’re on your feet.

:: Instead of walking to the closest shops, pick some further away. Carrying shopping is a good strength workout, but use a comfy, large rucksack rather than shoulder bags or carrier bags.

:: Sit on the floor when watching TV – you’ll find that you shift positions more often.

:: Use the stairs in your house more. Instead of taking things up all in one go, take them individually as and when needed.

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