Sleb Safari: Nick Knowles wants you to know I'm A Celebrity isn't a holiday camp

Nick Knowles and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here 2018 winner Harry Redknapp. Picture from Nick Knowles on Twitter

MOON landing denier Nick Knowles has been reminiscing about his time in the jungle with his I’m A Celebrity... camp mates.

Nick is the type of celeb who invites Hello! round to his home to open up about the end of a relationship so from that you can deduce he’s a chatty type.

He was the sixth person to be eliminated from the jungle last year and much like everyone else on the show was magnanimous in defeat to king of the jungle Harry Redknapp.

Harry won the series and everyone’s heart by speaking with such love and devotion about his wife of 50-plus years

For his part Nick was chivalrous and practical and loved a campfire sing song. How often did we hear Adele’s Make You Feel My Love?

Nick is a new man and has been since around 2017; he’s also a yoga enthusiast, a meditation practitioner and someone whose diet is “vegan 80 per cent of the time, vegetarian 5 per cent of the time, and meat about 5 per cent” according to an interview with the Radio Times.

How the remaining 10 per cent pans out is anyone’s guess.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! 2018 crew

There was a stage pre-jungle when it looked as though Nick could become a new man, again. In a promo for the show he wondered if the stint in the jungle might prove revelationary.

"There could be an amazing sort of Damascus experience for me that happens in the jungle where my life could take on a whole new meaning. I might decide to become a monk and shave my head and live on top of a mountain somewhere, who knows?"

Didn’t happen. How and ever, that could be because Nick was too wrecked to have any sort of spiritual awakening or at least not one that he wouldn’t chalk up to dehydration, starvation and sleep deprivation.

Speaking to the Express, Nick said the biggest thing people didn’t know about the show was how hard the camp mates had to work. If you’re a fan of the impossible-to-watch-without-weeping TV show DIY SOS you know Nick is a hands-on, can-do sort of person so he was likely in his element.

“Carrying 14 kilo bags of water, carrying 30 kilos of logs up and down three times a day. Keeping the fire going and trying to boil enough water so everyone can have clean water to drink.

“So there is all kind of things that you don’t see that actually wears everybody out.”

He continued: “The fun of the programme is they try and make it look like we are doing nothing all day and complaining about sitting in the sunshine.

“But everyone’s worn out as they haven’t had enough to eat or drink and have been dragging heavy bags of logs and water up and down the hill all the time.

“It’s actually quite a tough thing, but it was really enjoyable.”

It was a pity, really, that Nick got eliminated when he did. Another few days in the jungle and he'd have done a complete DIY SOS and everyone would have been enjoying cooking their rice and beans in a brand new kitchen with a huge island and some industrial lighting. If anyone could have pulled that off it was Nick Knowles.


Get down off that Joshua tree Miley Cyrus


Looking down at all the petty drama like....

A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Miley Cyrus is in a spot of bother for climbing up a Joshua tree.

She posted pictures of herself astride one of the famous – and protected – trees on her Instagram account.

The Mojave Desert Land Trust was not impressed. Executive director Geary Hund said the trees have a shallow root system and additional weight can damage their branches.

“We ask that Miley Cyrus consider her status as a public figure and remove this photo from her social media accounts in order to educate others and to prevent potential damage to Joshua trees."

Miley, come down out of that Joshua tree, please.


Anna Wintour's chair is on sale

SHOULD you have a loved one with a significant birthday or anniversary on the horizon and you’re scratching your head about a gift then look no further than Anna Wintour’s chair.

It’s a paint splattered, industrial looking contraption made of metal that will have you shuffling around trying to restore circulation to your bottom after about 15 minutes. Still, it’s clearly chic. And a steal at $250. And if it’s good enough for Anna Wintour’s posterior then surely it’s good enough for the rest of us?

No-one will ever want to sit on it, obv, so call it art and be done with it.

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