Ayo Edebiri’s 'mistake turned into a miracle'

Ayo Edebiri at the Emmy Awards
Ayo Edebiri at the Emmy Awards Ayo Edebiri at the Emmy Awards

Ayo Edebiri’s Emmy Awards dress was a “mistake turned into a miracle”.

The 28-year-old actress – who won the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series prize for her role in ‘The Bear’ – donned a skintight leather strapless gown from Louis Vuitton with a billowing skirt and she couldn’t have been happier with the custom creation.

Speaking to E! News’ Laverne Cox on the red carpet at Los Angeles’ Peacock Theatre, she said: "We had a last-minute fitting.

“A sort of mistake turned into a miracle. It's...not my body but pretty close to my body. They moulded it to me. And we're snatched and we're loving it."

The ‘Abbott Elementary’ actress admitted she enjoys getting dressed up for glitzy events.

Discussing the pep talk she’d give her younger self, she said: "You get to wear custom Louis Vuitton every now and again. It's pretty cute."

But Ayo also got serious and admitted there were more practical perks about her fame that she appreciated.

Still discussing her younger self, she said: "She didn't dream of nights like this. She sort of dreamed of dental insurance. We got dental, we eyes, we got ears. We can go to the dermatologist…

“Check your moles. Wear sunscreen even if you're Black."

When she accepted her award early in the evening, Ayo dedicated it to her parents.

She said: "Hi, OK, I'm so incredibly grateful for this for so many reasons but the main one, this is a show about family and found family and real family and my parents are here tonight.

"I'm making them sit far away from me because I'm a bad kid but I love you guys so much. Thank you for loving me and letting me feel beautiful and black and proud of all of that. I just love you so much.

“Probably not a dream to emigrate to this country and have your child be like ‘I wanna do improv’ but you’re real ones. Thank you so much for this, it means the world.”

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