Insurance can be the foundation for successful self-build project

With more people free to embark on building their dream home in their favourite location, in the current climate it may be prudent to consider a self-build insurance policy
Daniel McClintock

LAST year was a tough one for the construction sector, with rising costs of materials and supply issues causing real problems right across the industry.

And according to the recent Construction Product Availability Statement from the Construction Leadership Council's working group, pressures will continue into 2022.

In the run-up to Christmas there had been an improvement in the supply situation across all regions in the UK which had taken some pressure of prices, however, this was largely due to seasonal decline in activity.

With construction activity remaining strong in 2022 the working group expects the return of pressure on supply chains to deliver products, with longer lead times and further price increases expected.

Looking closely at future challenges in the sector, the working group revealed bricks and blocks remain in short supply with demand expected to be strong well into 2022. Demand for roof tiles also remains high with lead times averaging 24 weeks.

The volatility around delivery and price can bring some uncertainty to projects and make it harder to finalise an overall price before a project begins.

Despite this, construction of private dwellings, including domestic apartments has remained strong in Northern Ireland. The latest figures published on December 21 by the Department of Finance reveal there were 1,631 private/speculative new dwellings completed here between July and September.

From January to September there were 4,990 completed private dwellings across Northern Ireland and in the same period in 2020 there were 3,818 completions.

Despite the global pandemic and the pressures impacting on the construction sector, there remains a strong desire for people to build homes across Northern Ireland.

Also with more of us now working from home, there is less of a need to live close to the office meaning more people are free to embark on building their dream home in their favourite location.

From seeing the first set of architectural drawings to turning the key in their completed home, there can be excitement and stress in equal amounts for anyone managing their own self-build project.

In the current climate it may be prudent to consider a self-build insurance policy. Every penny counts on self-build projects and with so many other pressures to navigate presently having an insurance policy in place can provide real peace of mind.

Self-build policies can provide cover for: loss or damage to the property caused by fire, accidental damage, storms, floods, theft or vandalism, loss or damage to tools, equipment and machinery, temporary buildings such as huts, caravans or containers. It can also provide employers and public liability.

The best insurance brokers will tailor a policy specifically to meet the insurance needs of those individuals planning to build their dream house or to undertake an extension or renovation of their existing home.

:: Daniel McClintock is commercial account executive at AbbeyAutoline (

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