Belfast entrepreneurs seek shared office space to escape loneliness

WabiSabi want to create a coworking office where entrepreneurs can work alongside eachother
WabiSabi want to create a coworking office where entrepreneurs can work alongside eachother

A GROUP of entrepreneurs in Belfast are seeking funding to establish a space to work together.

WabiSabi describes itself as a "creative community of entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers".

The group now wants to open a shared space in order to "connect individual business owners".

It means people who are used to working from home or on their own will have an office they can go to to get all the benefits of working alongside others.

WabiSabi founder Dawn Baird said coworking could help motivate some of the thousands of freelancers from across the north.

“Working from home is lonely. Loneliness hits confidence, and therefore productivity, hard. Ultimately, the bottom line – sales – suffer," she said.

"Our idea is to create a comfortable, collaborative coworking space that will support the positive mental health and business aspirations of its members. A professional, productive working environment is vital for small business owners here."

WabiSabi said the space would focus on mental health with the use of chillout areas, desk configuration and even free fruit.

Co-founder Allen added: "Working from home, in hired offices or in cafés can feel isolating and demotivating for businesses. And, it does not always either project the desired image or reflect the professional approach to potential clients. So why not bring us all together, in one space, where we can share resources, contacts, ideas, energy and costs?"

“Healthy, happy, helpful working environment don’t happen by chance," said Dawn.

“It’s up to all of us, WabiSabi founders and members alike, to actively create an atmosphere of learning, connection and opportunity. We’ll facilitate regular events and activities to bring this about.”

WabiSabi’s is aiming to fundraise through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

The new office is due to open in September.