Dinnseanchas agus seanfhocal - An Irish place-name and a proverb


Carrickmannan, Carraig Mhanainn ‘Manannáns rock’The mythical Irish sea-god of water, Manannán mac Lir is probably best-known for giving his name to the Isle of Man, Irish Oileán Mhanann.It has also been suggested that the name of the island may originally have been connected with a word meaning ‘mountain’. Manannán is said to control the mists over the Isle of Man and he has been associated with places in Ireland, too, including Carrickmannon, a dangerous hidden rock off Kinbane on the Antrim coast, where the sea-god is said to have drowned sailors. There is another Carrickmannan elsewhere, in Co. Down, and a lough within it known as Carrickmannan Lake. Manannán’s father’s name, Lear, is the word which survives in the contemporary Irish language in the phrase thar lear ‘across the sea’.For more information go to or @placenamesni on twitterSEANFHOCALDhá dtrian córa cumhacht.Might is (two thirds) right.This is strange proverb in that I don’t think there is a mathematical formula to test its veracity but basically it is saying that might will nearly always get its way.As we know it is the victors who write histories and those become the accepted truths, what is “right”.However, what is happening in Ukraine at the minute is showing that Putin’s use of might hasn’t been as powerful as he anticipated. Using strategies from the war in Chechnya, he planned to have conquered Ucraine within three days, seven if Plan B had to be used. Might is not always end up being right.